The Manual Of Style for this Wiki(a) is simple: Make it simple, but be prepared to go in-depth. Link where relevant, and it's better that you have in-depth information about something on another article, then inside another article. Try to be concise, but try to give information to someone, whom knows little of the internet. Explain everything in detail. Try to give little bias, and more information. Let the readers make up their minds.

Try to source your articles, that are out of the ordinary person's knowledge, for example, I said 4chan is part of the *chan websites, which is obvious, if you know what the 2 things are. But, the comment about it being the "asshole of the internet" needs sourcing. A direct link behind that comment is all that's neccessary.

Anything, regardless of bias, accessibility, etc, can be used as a source, as long as the bias or similar is mentioned, so the readers may make up their own minds about the subject.

We should try to remain text-based, not image based.

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